China launches final satellite in GPS challenger

China launches final satellite in GPS challenger

China has efficiently put into orbit the final satellite in its BeiDou-3 navigation system, additional advancing the nation as a significant power in space.

Tuesday’s launch will enable China to not depend on the US government-owned Global Positioning System (GPS).

The $10bn (£8bn) network is made up of 35 satellites and offers international navigation system.

It comes as tensions between Beijing and Washington are rising over the coronavirus, trade war, and Hong Kong protest.

The launch had been scheduled for the previous week however was delayed after technical issues have been discovered with the rocket in pre-launch assessments.

The third model of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) gives an alternative choice to Russia’s GLONASS and the European Galileo programs, in addition to America’s GPS.

Future plans promise to help an extra accessible and built-in system scheduled to online by 2035 with BDS at its core.

The first model of BeiDou, which means “Big Dipper,” was decommissioned in 2012.

China’s space mission has developed quickly over the past 20 years as Beijing has offered vital funding to develop the nation’s personal high-tech techniques.

In 2003, China grew to become only the third nation to launch its personal crewed space program. Since then it has constructed an experimental space station and despatched two rovers to the moon.

The strikes are seen as preparation for an everlasting space station, a possible crewed flight to the moon, and an attainable first try to send an orbiter and rover to Mars.

That would make China a critical contender to America in space exploration.

US-China strained relations

The relationship between Beijing and Washington has to turn out to be more and more strained over a number of issues for the reason that begin of these 12 months.

US President Donald Trump and his administration have repeatedly criticized China over its dealing with the coronavirus outbreak – the virus first emerged there in December 2019.

In response to a new Hong Kong safety regulation pushed by Beijing, the US president final month introduced that he’ll finish preferential remedy for the town in trade and travel of the people.

China launches final satellite in GPS challenger

This week the communication between the US and China has come under increasing scrutiny after former National Security Adviser John Bolton mentioned in his new guide that Mr. Trump sought assistance from Chinese President Xi Jinping to win re-election.

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