JK Rowling reveals details of her abusive past

JK Rowling reveals details of her abusive past

JK Rowling defends her right to speak on trans issues in a powerful essay

Author JK Rowling’s controversial tweet on ‘individuals who menstruate’ drew so much of criticism for the writer with many terming her transphobic. She has been targetted by trans activists and the criticism at instances has taken the form of abusive language and threats of violence.

Now, defending her right to speak about trans issues with out the worry of abuse, Rowling has opened up about her abusive past day in a powerful essay. The writer has defined the complicated causes for her curiosity in the topic and has revealed details of her past days.

In a 3,600-word essay, printed on her web site, the author defined in detail her analysis and beliefs on trans issues, and the issues she has about how girls’ rights and a few younger peoples lives had been being impacted by some kinds of trans activism.

She additionally revealed that she has wondered whether or not she might need to be sought to transition to being a person had she been born 30 years later.

The ‘Harry Potter’ writer additionally revealed that she has been a victim of domestic abuse and of sexual assault and that is why she feels deeply for tens of millions of girls in a similar situation.

“That assault occurred at a time and in an area where I used to be weak and vulnerable situation, and a person capitalized on a chance. I could not shut out these memories and I used to be finding it hard to include my anger and disappointment about the way in which I consider my government is playing fast and loose with women and women’s security.”

‘I’ve been in the general public eye now for over twenty years and have by no means talked publicly about being a domestic abuse and sexual assault survivor,’ she wrote.

“I haven’t written this essay within the hope that anyone will get out a violin for me, not even a teeny-weeny one,” she wrote within the conclusion to her piece, describing herself as “terribly lucky”.

“I’ve only talked about my past as a result of, like every different human being on this planet, I’ve a complex back-story, which shapes my fears, my interests, and my opinions. I always remember that inner complexity once I’m making a fictional character and I definitely never forget it when it comes to trans individuals.

“All I’m asking – all I would like – is for comparable empathy, comparable understanding, to be prolonged to the numerous tens of millions of ladies whose sole crime is wanting their considerations to be heard with out receiving threats and abuse,” the author wrote.

Last weekend, Rowling faced severe backlash on Twitter after she criticized an opinion piece that used the phrase “people who menstruate” and posited that discussion of gender identification invalidates biological intercourse.

Days after JK Rowling’s tweet went viral, actor Daniel Radcliffe, who performed Harry Potter in the film adaptation of the book, weighed in on Rowling’s feedback and mentioned that it was time to acknowledge the issues confronted by the transgender communities.

“Transgender women are women. Any statement, on the contrary, erases the identification and dignity of transgender individuals and goes in opposition to all recommendation given by skilled well being care associations who’ve way more experience on this subject material than both Jo or I,” Radcliffe acknowledged in an essay.

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